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Model 807-LP (Low Power)


The 807-LP was originally planned for production, and to be called 807-UL (Ultra-Light).  Once finished, it was determined that this model was a bit heavy and complex in building.  It was put on HOLD.


In the meantime, the name "Ultra-Light" has been re-used for another version.  See menu on the left.


This version (LP) is rated 200 Watts and only one unit has been built and tested.  It has the same basic specs as all other versions, same SWR curve, etc.; it's just a low power version.


This version has its 4:1 Ruthroff wound on an FT-114-61 and its 1:1 Guanella wound with very thin, RG-116 coax onto two FT-114-43 toroids glued together for double thickness.



The LP's balun (pictured on the right) was originally bread-boarded (open-frame).  It used:

  • 1x  FT-114-61 (top)
  • 2x  FT-114-43 cores (bottom) 


The short stub of RG-174 coax (covered with heat-shrink tubing) was soldered on for test purposes, to enalbe use of different types and lengths of coax as well as enabling insertion of a Maxwell and then a Guanella choke for further tests.


Only one of these was built and tested.  It performed perfectly well, but . . .


PHOTO:  DJ0IP       

As it turned out, a 600 Watt version could be built weighing less than 100 grams more, making this version unatractive for most users.


In the meantime a couple of Old Men have requested such an antenna, but there is not enough demand for it to warrent mass production.


People interested in one of these should contact Aerial-51 directly.

We can assist you in planning and building one.


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For more technical information, please see Modle 807-L.  It is exactly the same, same wire, same measurements, etc., except the "L" has a 600 Watt Balun.

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