Remote-Ready   Antenna 

Remote - Ready Antenna

Living on the LEFT and Dreaming of the RIGHT ?


Keep it Simple:


Use an Aerial-51 Model 807-HD


and work ALL BANDS with just one simple antenna.


If you are looking for a large Antenna Farm, this page is not or you. 

But if your goal is a single, effective All-Band antenna, read on:



After being QRT for almost 15 years due to the absolute impossibility to install an HF Antenna at my QTH in Innsbruck Austria (OE7), I moved my rig to my parent's house in Modena Italy (I4) to control it remotely through two Remoterig boxes. 
The remote QTH is 400 Km away from my home QTH,  so the installation would have to be very reliable.
For this purpose, I was looking for an Antenna with the following characteristics:
  • Possibly all bands 10-80m
  • Easy to install
  • No maintenance required
  • "Stealth" (nasty neighbors)
  • Decent Performance (Real Antenna, no outdoor dummy load ;-)
The Aerial-51 "Model 807-HD" seems to fulfill all these requirements! 
Installation took just half an hour and the small internal ATU of my Kenwood TS-480 can match it on all bands, WARC included; (SWR<3 even on 30m).
The Antenna is almost invisible and nobody has noticed it.
Though in an urban environment, the antenna is really quiet and I have already enjoyed many 2-way QRP QSOs on 80m in the evening. On the higher bands, I have already worked several DX stations, a dream after years of only listening.
See drawing and photos of the Remote Setup below.
I can absolutely recommend the 807-HD for remote stations!
73 de Enrico IZ4AFL / OE7AFT

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