Model 807-xx Versions


Aerial-51 has created several versions of the Model 807-xx OCFD antenna. Not all versions are being produced and sold by Spiderbeam.


Currently (August 2018), Spiderbeam is only building the first two:


Additional Versions, currently not in production:


Which one is for YOU ?

  • The 807-L with its thinner wire weighs less, and is better suited for short-term portable use.  May be used with the 12m fg pole.
  • The 807-L's thinner wire is nearly impossible to see when mounted 10 meters (33 ft.) in the air.  Great for stealth installations.
  • The 807-HD's thicker wire makes it much more suitable for permanent installations where the WX has lots of snow and/or ice, and wind.
  • The 807-HD is too heavy for mounting high on the Spiderbeam 12m fiberglass pole.  Use the lower 12m of the 18m fg pole.
  • E-Mail Questions to:  info@spiderbeam.com 

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