(No longer in production.)

Aerial-51  "SKY-SDR"

11 Band SDR-DSP hf + 6m QRP Transceiver

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An SDR-DSP Direct Conversion

(QRP) hf + 6m transceiver

that does not require a computer

for operation!






With so many QRP radio's "Made In China",

why design another one in Europe ?


The answer is simple:  


Try using these Chinese QRP radios with a good antenna

on 80 or 40 meters at night  here in Europe and you will

see why something more is desirable.


The Elecraft  KX3  is a good little radio but has a high price tag here in Europe.  Same for the KX2.  We believe there is a need for a more "affordable" high-performance QRP radio in Europe.  The SKY-SDR was designed to fill that need.


The SKY-SDR's low noise,  high dynamic range  front end won't crunch, even if you turn on the preamplifier on 80

or 40 meters at night.


The SKY-SDR has most of the  DSP features  of larger hf

transceivers - direct conversion,  razor-sharp-adjustable filters, noise reduction, noise blanker, audio equalizer,

etc. and even a built-in bandscope that works on receive and on transmit.   Its clean transmitter has a speech processor, audio equalizer and even comes with a hand mic at no extra cost.


Though designed for high reliability, occasionally Murphy can visit any radio, regardless of make or model.  


The SKY-SDR is:

  • Designed here in Europe
  • Built here in Europe
  • Sold here in Europe (by Appello-Funk)
  • Serviced here in Europe - - - sorry Murphy!
  • but priced [almost] like a Chinese radio!  :-)

 [ Built-In-Band-Scope ]


The SKY-SDR is perhaps the world's only QRP radio with a built-in bandscope. That and other unique features make it the most innovative QRP radio in the world!


Aerial-51  “SKY-SDR” Highlights:


  • Amateur Radio Ham Bands from 160m to 6m incl. 60m
    • 7x Low Pass Filters and 7x Bandpass Filters
  • Transmitter Power:  5+ Watts
  • Modes:  LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, DIGI Modes
  • Keyer:  Iambic A, Iambic B; and straight key
  • Sensitivity:  0.2uV
  • Filter:
    • SSB:       250 Hz - to - 3.6 kHz, user adjustable
    • CW:          20 Hz - to - 1.2 kHz, user adjustable
    • AM:        2.0 kHz - to - 9.6 kHz, user adjustable
    • FM:         2.0 kHz - to - 9.6 kHz, user adjustable
    • DIGI:    3.35 kHz
  • Antenne:  50 Ohm, BNC
  • VFOs:  2 (A,B)
  • 100 Memory Channels
  • Voltage Requirements:  10.5 bis 15V, external
  • RX Current Drain:  360 mA  / 320 mA without backlight
  • TX Current Drain:  1 - to - 2A 
  • Size:  (W x H x D) 147 x 60 x 107mm (without knobs)
  • Weight:  580 g


SKY-SDR was designed and manufactured in Europe by: 


SKY-SDR is marketed in Europe under the brand name Aerial-51

by Appello-Funk GmbH.



and has been replaced by the ALT-512. 

Appello sometimes has used SKY-SDR transceivers available.

Contact Appello direcrty:  Info@Appello-Funk.de 


SKY-SDR User Manual Ver.1.3.1c
USER MANUAL for the Aerial-51 SKY-SDR hf + 6m QRP Transceiver. Version 1.3.1 from 28-MAR-2017
SKY-SDR User Manual v.1.3.1c.pdf
PDF-Dokument [636.2 KB]

REMEMBER:  Aerial-51  does not sell  anything to anyone.

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