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(Received by email, 6-SEP-2016)

Hi Rick,


We were operating in two locations [in Cambodia] for the last month as XU7AKB and XU7AKD.

  1. Phnom Penh (antennas on rooftop of a skyscraper / 12m Spiderbeam fiberglass pole)
  2. Sihanoukville (Antennas on rooftop of 12m high building, 200m from Seafront, plus 12m Spiderbeam pole)

In QTH number one the local QRM was always (24 hours, 1-30 MHz) S9 plus 10dB) so no QSO could be made.

In QTH number two we were very unfortunate too. Because of the monsoon season we had lightning and thunder storms daily which generated a lot of static noise also up to S9 plus plus.


Due to very bad propagation we could rarely work Europe and if so only for about an hour/day. 

We had an end-fed antenna and the AERIAL-51.


We always tried and switched from Antenna 1 and Antenna 2.

The inverted V was always WAY BETTER.


Sending and receiving - Up to 3 S-Levels. Especially with all the QRM/QRN/QSB the end-fed antennas where VERY NOISY compared to the AERIAL-51.

And yes, of course both antennas were set up correctly. We had an antenna analyzer with us, coax cable length in both setups the same (20m) and SWR on the end-fed was good.

So, NO we would NOT take end-fed antennas with us for another DXPedition.


The 440 QSO (60 countries) we made were all done with the AERIAL-51.


Best wishes

Steff Gruber - XU7AKB / HB9FXL

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