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WRTC-2018 / IARU Field Contest Operation near Wittenberg

   Photos:  DL4LAM

The Aerial-51 Model 404-UL

An Ultra-Lightweight, 7-Band antenna, perfect for portable outings like this one.


Erected on a Spiderbeam 12m telescoping fiberglass pole.

The Team:

  • Christian, DL6KAC
  • Dan, DN3XW
  • Hava, DO5HO

And Peter, DL4LAM (not shown) operating the camera.


Posted By DL4LAM

Excellent antenna for portable operation.

I bought  this antenna more than one year ago, but had no opportunity to use it.
Recently at WRTC-2018 in Wittenberg, it was time to check it out.

After assembling several WRTC Spiderbeam antennas at various sites as a volunteer, finally we (me, accompanied by Hava, DO5HO, and Christian, DL6KAC) had time to build up the 404 UL on a 12 m (40 ft) Spiderpole in the field ( about 2 km away from closest WRTC site).

Assembly was quick and easy, low wind load and no guying was required.
Matching unit approx. 11 m above the ground, the ends around 3,5 m above
ground level.

We operated from the field with 100 W and had beautiful contacts on
10-15-20-40 m.

During the WRTC/IARU, we worked several Y8 [WRTC] stations in the neighborhood and sometimes could log contacts faster than our professionell competitors. 

SWR on all bands is very good.


It´s a good antenna, worked very well and the weight is very low.  Easy to transport.  


Well done !


73 de Peter, DL4LAM

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