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The SKY-SDR Story began for Aerial-51 when Rick (DJ0IP) began looking for a new QRP radio to use for his planned SOTA activity.


BTW, "I am Rick", so I will continue the story in first person:


Although the KX3 looked mighty good, it costs more money here in Europe than I was willing to spend and it was way too expensive (for me) to carry up a mountain and expose to possible bad weather.


The advertisment on Chinese radios sounded great but if you join Internet groups and view users' experience, you quickly discard the idea.  In addition, I was able to borrow a YouKit and try it here in Germany.  It seemed to play nice during the day, but was very poor at night when used on a large antena.


I came across the LD-5 in the states and obtained one.  I then found out it was produced in Europe and that the LD-11 would soon be available.  


My first on the air experience with the LD-5 was very good, though the radio certainly was not in the the performance class I am used to with Ten-Tec transceivers (of course it was not the same cost, either).  


An newer version of the LD-11 (called SKY) was sourced directly from its designers in Bulgaria and I fell in love with it.  THIS IS "MY" QRP RADIO.

This radio is definitely in the performance class of TEN-TEC radios... or just about anything else - as you will read in my own post on user experience.


I requested a few changes, especially the knobs and then agreed to introduce this line of outstanding QRP transceivers to the Central European Market.


YES, I do have a commercial interest in these radios and I do sell them through selected resellers (not directly), but DO NOT FORGET, I began this project while looking for a QRP radio for "me".


As such, it seems fair that we include "me" as a user and allow my user review to be posted together with those of our customers.




73 - Rick, DJ0IP


Please see more individual user feedback in the menu on the left.

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