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F5MOG, Pierre

Hello Rick,


Yes, go ahead. Post the info as you want, with honnesty and with the ham spirit I can feel reading your site (www.dj0ip.de).  I had the pleasure to meet you in June19 at Friedrichshaffen . Our interactions built my confidence in trying the ALT-512. :-)


The ALT-512 is a very nice little toy. I am fond of CW, and qrp. So it is real pleasure to use it, for sota, for vacations with my camper...and even at home, (even if I like my old homebuilt K2 very much).

The ALT-512 receiver is high class, easy to use, with the comfort of having all bands in a very small box. On the screen all infos, (qrg, mode, RIT, SWR, signal strength, filters, water fall, time , modes, etc).


A fiber glass mast, light wire, paddles, and a top class rig, and you have a dream for backpacking. 


And my personal thanks for your internet site.

For the last 30+ years, I am playing around with wire antennas, fishing rods, ladder lines, linked match boxes for parallel symetrical lines, etc.  I went through the learning experiences of breaking poles, collapsing, with heavy wire antennas , big coax, heavy, strange matching systems for ladder lines etc....I consider that your site is posting and sharing a wealth of honnest experience and common sense, which I much appreciate. 


Regards 73/72, de Pierre F5MOG / W3FS

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