Remote-Ready   Antenna 

DJ0IP Contest Experience w. ALT-512

I worked  CQWW CW 2018

with a  ALT-512 prototype

running 5 Watts

and Aerial-51 Model

807-HD Antenna... 


I was on the air only for about 15 hours,  but I managed to work a lot of low band DX stations: 

  • 54 countries on 80m
  • 61 countries on 40m


                                                          ( Click on photo to enlarge. )






80M Country Multipliers, Total: 54

4O    4U1V    5B      9A      9H     CN     CT      CT3     DL     E7   
EA     EA6      EA8    EI       ES     EU      F        G        GM    GU   
GW    HA       HB     HB0    I        IT9     K        LA       LY      LZ   
OE     OH      OH0    OK     OM     ON     OZ      PA       PJ2    S5   
SM     SP       SV     SV9    TK      UA     UA2    UA9     UR     VE   
YL     YO       YU      Z3


80M Zones:  10 

 2   5   9  14  15  16  17  18  20  33



40M Country Multipliers, Total: 60*

4O    4U1V   4X     5B     9A     9H     A4     CN    CT3   DL   

E7     EA      EA6   EA8   EA9    EI      ES     EU      F     G    

GM    GW     HA     HB      I      IG9   IT9     JA      K     KP2  

LA     LY       LZ      OE    OH    OH0   OK    OM    ON    OZ   

P4     PA      PJ2    PJ4     S5     SM    SP     SV    SV9   TK   

UA     UA2   UA9    UN    UR      VE    YL     YO     YU    Z3   



40M Zones:  13

3   4   5   8   9  14  15  16  17  20  21  25  33


*I also worked Asiatic Russia, but coppied the call sign wrong, so the multiplier was not counted.  :-(



I ran Search & Pounce (S&P) the entire contest. 


Due to the crowded bands, I ran most of the contest with the receiver's bandwidth set to just 30 Hz.  


There was no ringing, DSP artifacts or audio distortion of the CW signal at this narrow bandwidth.   AND THERE WAS NO QRM! 


The ALT-512 interfaced to my computer through a single USB cable.

Its built-in Sound Card elimnates the need for audio cables between           the radio and the computer.


After defining the Radio as a "Kenwood TS-2000"  in the Win-Test logging software, the radio was immediately recognized and all features functioned just fine:

  • Band Change via Keyboard
  • Frequency Tracking of VFO by the software
  • Clicking on Call Signs in the Bandscope moved the VFO to its frequency.
  • CW was generated through keyboard entry or function buttons

So basically it was Plug-n-Play.  "Piece of Cake!"


   Rick - DJ0IP   

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