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 Signal and Noise Comparisons (by Band)

Band Noise is a hot topic these days.


Noise, as well as antenna restrictions, is driving more and more hams to portable/field operation.


THE PROBLEM: Noise generated by an ever encreasing number of Consumer Products in our houses is a major source of band noise in our receivers.   


THE REMEDY:  Place the antenna as far away from the house and as high as possible.  


THE REALITY:  Very few hams have the possibility to do this.


DJ0IP has the rare possibility to place the antenna fairly far away from the house.


For the past 9 years, the primary and most of the time "only" antenna in use was an 80m OCFD antenna, located very near the house, with its feedpoint located about the same height of the house.


Recently a 2nd 80m OCFD antenna (Model 807-HD) was instealled up the hill, behind the house.  A remote coaxial switch enables switching between the two antennas.


This page will show examples in the band noise difference between these to very similar antennas.

40 & 80m Comparisons:

40m Signal Comparison & 80m Noise Comparison
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30m Band Noise:

Band Noise on 30m
Note the S-Meter on the IC-7300. The antenna with the high noise level is the old antenna, very near the house. The antenna that enables hearing the weak CW signal is the new antenna up on the hill.
Ant Noise 30m.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [26.0 MB]

During this short video, I begin with ANT-1 (new), then switch to ANT-2 (old) . . . then back and forth a couple of times.


Note that the CW signal is S2 to S3 on the ANT-1, but on ANT-2, the noise level is S5, completely blanketing the CW signal with noise.

20m Comparisons:

20m Noise Comparison
20m Noise Comparison.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [42.4 MB]
20m Signal Comparison - 1
20m Signal Comparison 1.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [42.0 MB]
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18m Comparisons

18m Signal Strength Comparison
18m Signal Comparison 1.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [92.4 MB]
18m Signal Strength Comparison
18m Signal Comparison 2.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [25.2 MB]

Most of my files were too large.

I took these from my 8 inch Tablet, which is difficult to hold with one hand.

Tomorrow I will charge my old Smart Phone and make smaller videos with it. 


. . . to be continued.

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