Antenna Description

Basically an 807-HD, without potting the Balun Enclosure with Epoxy:

I have selected the RMU-R1 for my antenna, which places the frequency of minimum SWR near the middle of the 80m band here in IARU Region One.  (i.e., about 3.670 MHz)

Note:  The details (above) show the basic antenna before installing the RMU.

   The RMU used here (RMU-R2). raises the frequency of minimum SWR             on 80m from  3.480  to  3.670 MHz, and j0 from 3.450 to 3.650 MHz. 

'j0' = the fundamental frequency at which the antenna is resonant.


Note 2:  RG-58 was only used for the initial measuring and tuning of the antenna.

     Once it was tuned, I used Messi & Paoloni coax for the run to the house:

  • 14 meters of Airborne-5 running up the pole
  • 60 meters of Airborne-10 running back to the house

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