RMU-0 for CW

Die-Hard CW Fans may find that the 807-xx resonates too high in the 80m band when using the standard RMU (RMU-R1).


The "RMU-CW" is finally available, but if you don't have one yet, here is a tip that may interest the CW-only users.



  • The RMU only shifts resonance on the 80m band. 
  • It does not change any of the higher bands.


Work-Around:  "RMU-0"

(Yes, it's just a piece of wire.)


Here is what its SWR curve typically looks like:


For Comparison:  The 807-HD with Standard RMU (RMU-R1):


Comments:  If you think the lower SWR will improve your signal in the CW portion of the band, you are kidding yourself.  The 'On-The-Air' performance of the antenna is exactly the same, regardless of whether you are using the RMU-R1 or the RMU-0.  Just use a good efficient matchbox if needed.  However, if you absolutely want lower SWR for the bottom end of the band, and do not yet have the RMU-CW, use the RMU-0.  (DJ0IP)

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