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Photo:  DJ0IP

Model 404-UL Installation Tips


Mounting a Dipole/Inverted-V to a pole or mast is certainly a simple task.

However, many OM ask us how to best mount the 404-UL to the pole.

My answer begins just like ALL my other answers:


as lightweight as possible.


The simplest way to do this is with thin rope or heavy string.  

Note: for permanent installations, make sure the rope is UV-resistant, such as the Spiderbeam 2mm Kevlar rope (shown in the picture below).


Simply tie a loop in the end of the rope/string and adjust its size to fit snuggly onto the pole.  Then tie the other end to the eye-bolt on top of the matching unit, keeping it as short as possible.


When finished, it looks like this:



We find this to be a simple, flexible solution that works.


Although the best solution might be an eye-bolt that is the exact size you need, it would only be the right size for one pole, and the wrong size for all other poles.  


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